QRiS - Riverscapes Studio - for QGIS


Install Plugin From Q Plugin Library

QRiS is a QGIS Plugin and functions within QGIS. To install QRiS for the first time to QGIS:

  1. From the main QGIS menu choose Plugins → Manage and Install Plugins.
  2. Search Plugins for QRiS (make sure that under Settings → the Show also experimental plugins is checked on:
  3. Navigate to QRiS and click install.

At any time after it is installed, you can update QRiS by simply choosing Upgrade Plug-In from the QRiS window. View the video below for a walkthrough of the installation and update process.

Installation time: < 30 seconds.

Minimum Requirements

QRAVE requires QGIS from the latest LTR (Long Term Release) or more recent (last LTR for development was 3.22.16)

QGIS - Need to get GIS?

If you do not have QGIS already, or even if you have never used GIS, we show you below how quickly you can get up and running with the free desktop QGIS software (on Windows, Mac or Linux) and get QRAVE installed and start looking at a Riverscapes Project from the Riverscapes Warehouse.

Installation time: < 5 minutes


Testing Alpha and Beta Pre-Releases

If you are working with the developement team and would like to install a pre-release, this video shows you how to do so, once downloading the plugin zip file from the GitHub Repository :

Release Notes

See the release notes provided in the QRiS code repository . These relese notes will highlight what features were added and what bugs were fixed in each release.