QRiS - Riverscapes Studio - for QGIS

Riverscapes Studio - for QGIS or QRiS (pronounced curious) is where you come to work on your riverscapes. QRiS takes care of the housekeeping and lets you focus on understanding your riverscape.

QRiS is targeted at anyone interested in understanding and analyzing their riverscapes, such as: practitioners, managers, analysts, researchers and students with some familiarity with GIS. QRiS helps users with analysis, monitoring, and assessment of riverscapes as well as preparation of the design and as-builts of low-tech process-based restoration projects.

A Riverscapes Consortium Tool

We seek for QRiS to become the flagship, professional-grade tool of the Riverscapes Consortium. The free, open-source tool is a plugin to the free, open-source QGIS software.

See the QRiS sister tool: RV - Riverscapes Viewer to help visualize riverscapes projects .

QRiS is in Development & Beta Testing and is only in the experimental plugin library of GIS. Version 1.0 is scheduled for release in late Spring 2023.

What’s a Riverscape?

A riverscape is the part of the landscape that could plausibly flood in the contemporary natural flow regime.